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Holiday packing 2020

Hi lovelies, So we were on a 8 days/ 7 nights holiday in Croatia. dispute the car space we have packed lightly but we did had more than everything. We choosed to in hotels, 3 nights with breakfast,4 with half board. We brought 1 mid-size and a cabin suitcase, a parasol and 2 backpacks(+6 boltles of 1,5l mineral water- than we refilled with tap … Read More Holiday packing 2020

Holiday packing

Hi lovelies, The summer nearly ended… but finally we are going to our holiday. Yeah next year should rather go in the middle of the summer as I feel really tired for a couples of weeks, way too much of works. Even we are going by car to Croatia and then to the Lake Balaton, I tried to be as minimalistic as can be … Read More Holiday packing


August haul

Hi lovelies, This is again a monthly hauls like usually, but August is my Birthday so most of the things will be gifted for me and also I try to be using less, so for myself I only bought things which I need. Lets start with my husband’s gift: is a handmade leather bag, which is so georgous in this light cream shade and … Read More August haul


Hi lovelies, This is a continue of my previous post regarding the zero waste, so our goal is rather to reach a sustainable lifestyle. Firstly let me list you what we have already doing: Transportation: In the city I use my bike when I can, so it is mostly form April to November and in all the other months I do use the public … Read More Being SUSTAINABLE 1

Why we can not be zero waste?

Hi lovelies, Plastics free July is such a nice initiative, however let me write the truth why you can not succeed-> YES the whole world is againts you. So we tried to reduce the platic: so did not buy any soft drinks, plastic bags nor anything with single use plastic packaging. But let me tell you why we failed: I really like the conception of … Read More Why we can not be zero waste?

Travel size beauty

Hi lovelies, It is time to write about travel size beauties, are they worst the money or not? Comment below what you think! Recently I am in love with travelsizes, these are so great to try to experiment an expensive product. They are cuties, little and cost less. Of course people can say the value size and the original sizes more worst the price… … Read More Travel size beauty


How to book hotel room like a hotelier

tips and tricks from the desk


What we bought in Thailand

here is my shopping did last weeks in thailand


My ultimate packing list for Thailand

Hi everyone! We have just arrived from our honeymoon, we sent 2 weeks in Thailand. Honestly, my packing was simply perfect: not over packed (18kg only from 30), had items for every occasions, so no extra purchase due to weather conditions or religious regulations. Read my packing list and hacks/tips by categories below: Skin and hair care This is my number 1 tip to … Read More My ultimate packing list for Thailand

My Sephora wishlist

wishlist from a makeup addict


2017 was for me AKA the year of marriage

Heavy, but beautiful year

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