Announcement: OUR FLAT

Hi lovelies,

I have not posted for a while as next to my busy schedule due to work and meetings, we have are finally flat owners:). We can not tell how happy we are after the lot of research (since November, intensively from March) we have found our future home.

So it is not such a big one: only 53m2 with two rooms, kitchen, bathroom, entrance and balcony. It is very close to our current home and also close to the city center, still in a very good area (so it is also a great investment) – for me the best area of Pest: growing, under rehabilitation. The building built in 1968, so not the ones which is with high inner-height from the early 20th century, but the flat will need some renovation. Now we are in the middle of planning and trying to take the inspirations into reality. Probably the hardest part will be to find workers and schedule the works. It will take time and a lot of money, so we are on to make a financial plan too.

Firstly, we tend to change windows and balcony and entrance doors. Checking the gas, water and electricity (I really hope these will be in good condition as AC only 2 years old).

The bathroom was renovated 5 years ago, so even it is  bit boring we will just keep as it is – we can still charm it up with some accessories. In the rooms we only have to paint and repair the wooden floor a bit and changing the radiators. The entrance and kitchen should be completely renewal, which will be such expensive: tiles, furniture, machines ect.

To be continue…



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End of the year

The end of something is the beginning of something. I never considered the New Year’s Eve is the end of something as while at school it was always September to June, now working in the Hospitality Industry knowing the never ending circulation (we do not really have high and low season for 2 years now, which is pretty tiring). In the last 5 days, we have work a lot do I also try to find some time cleaning and clearing out the unused stuffs from the flat, so have space for the new.

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Winter time I aslso wear skirts, but really missing biking, so I just have found intrabike trainer, which is a really good opportunity to get in shape, train a bit and having that movement. Might be I must try spinning?

I do not think we are going to an overpriced party at New Year’s Eve, as I am going to work in the morning of 1rst January. Before you think omg, I love the 1rst of January shift: champagne of course, nice people coming to say Happy New Year joyfully, while the overdrunk and usually arguing guests only wakes up in the afternoon:) heee he

I always hate to promise and planning ahead for the next year. So I do not promise only write what I want in the first half of 2018:

  • having a nice honeymoon
  • finding and buying our home
  • moving in our new home
  • being elected to Les Clefs d’Or concierges
  • having our new desk and changings done at the hotel

Love, happiness, dreams, loyality and quality ime together are keeping highly important.

Wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR !