Tide up your home- Living room

Hi lovelies,

Yeah I know it should be bedroom tide up time, but I had to change it due to the weather, so I was continue my serie with our teeny-tiny living room, which is not an actual serate room- it liks to our kitchen. If there is a more bigger event – which will not be soon– we do take our dinning table here to have some space.

Here, nearly everthing is temporary we tend to buy a new tv sideboard, now the one is an IKEA Billy underneath is a way to short. Our sofa will stay as the last to change, but I really want to find a nice velvet blue or green one, which can be opened as a bed too. We would definetely need a rug, preferebly a Beni Ourain and a coffee table, maybe a small working desk too. Of course, we would have some book shelves above the sofa and a mini gallery wall behind the TV.

We are both plant addicts, so we would have more plants arround us, that is why I have already started to make macrame holder for them and we also purchased a Humidfication as our air is so-so dry here.

Stay turned for the bedroom tide up!



Our Kitchen to be

Hi lovelies,

We are a flat owners for a months now, so we have already most of the official papers and every construction start with a demolition, so now our flat will be reborn.

I share you some “before” pictures:

So financial planning is highly important, according to your money and time you can choose an interior designer or a brigade as well, but if you have a good imagination you can same money and search on your own experts like wrapper or mason ect. We have chosen the last, and decided to do most of the demolition on our own (especially my husband has really good skills and tools for his father, while I am better in project management). I have made a financial plan, which includes 15% extra money in the first term, which we can later spend on some extra furnitures.

Now we have removed a wall, some doors,the old AC, the wall paintings and replacement of doors- windows and the electricity are in process. So the walls are naked:):


This is the most expensive part of the flat and also in our focus as we will spent most of our time at kitchen-living room. Yes, we have opened the wall between the kitchen and the bigger room to become an American style living room and we will have only a small bedroom separated by a window wall. Now I will only explain the kitchen part.

Covers: the walls are going to be just  plain white, while the floor will get a light wooden style gres (we have to decide till next week):

I have these trendy plastic wall covers so we have ordered this cute Chevron tiles from Equipe Ceramicas. Since I have been studied in Portugal, I am in love with those “azulejos” so that Lisbon fantasy named tile will be by the hob.


Furnitures: we will create the dream kitchen front of my husband: IKEA Bodbyn with some Tornviken elements. This will look so traditional with some modern elements and the off-white color will bring the lights in to the kitchen. I also love that it has glass door options as well. Honestly IKEA kitchen planner is so easy to use and much cheaper…

Our dinning table will be a mid-century one for my grandma in dark brown color, while will make a super contrast of new. We are still looking for the chairs, but still have some ideas.

Appliances: our dishwasher will be a Bosch built-in one for sure as we currently have one, which we love and also my parents has such one. Hob will work with gas as they are much better then ceramic- you can control the temperature more quickly and it is much cheaper then induction hobs, for which you have to select special equipments. Microwave and oven will stand high in a built-in cabinet, while Fridge should be free-standing, due to our magnet collection:)

Stay turned for the updates. Comment below if you have any tips.





Announcement: OUR FLAT

Hi lovelies,

I have not posted for a while as next to my busy schedule due to work and meetings, we have are finally flat owners:). We can not tell how happy we are after the lot of research (since November, intensively from March) we have found our future home.

So it is not such a big one: only 53m2 with two rooms, kitchen, bathroom, entrance and balcony. It is very close to our current home and also close to the city center, still in a very good area (so it is also a great investment) – for me the best area of Pest: growing, under rehabilitation. The building built in 1968, so not the ones which is with high inner-height from the early 20th century, but the flat will need some renovation. Now we are in the middle of planning and trying to take the inspirations into reality. Probably the hardest part will be to find workers and schedule the works. It will take time and a lot of money, so we are on to make a financial plan too.

Firstly, we tend to change windows and balcony and entrance doors. Checking the gas, water and electricity (I really hope these will be in good condition as AC only 2 years old).

The bathroom was renovated 5 years ago, so even it is  bit boring we will just keep as it is – we can still charm it up with some accessories. In the rooms we only have to paint and repair the wooden floor a bit and changing the radiators. The entrance and kitchen should be completely renewal, which will be such expensive: tiles, furniture, machines ect.

To be continue…



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