My weird beauty habits

Hi lovelies!

So today post is a bit about get to know me. I have asked my friends, sister, husband and two of my colleagues to tell my weirdest things on beauty. All of us have habits, which might be strange for others, so here is my list according to them. Of course my hubby’s thoughts like you have too much blah-blah is not weird, so it will not be on the list:).

  1. Keeping the paper cover of makeup: well this is just because I love to keep them clear and protect the covering from schratchiness or to break the glass. It is also easier to organize, of course they are a bit bigger, but I do not keep all of them: too big packaging or you can not take them back in place.
  2. Keeping a tiny bit of my perfume: till I do not repurchase a perfume I love to rest a few ml in the bottle to memorizing the smell or smell time-to-time before buying a new one and of corse if there is an occasion match with the smell… Unfortunately my brother tend to use these bottles on Easter for years…
  3. Applying my face cream with a makeup brush: that is only truth for the creams with a jar, just to keep them fresh and clean from bacteria I use a flat foundation brush. Of course it is a good technique to avoid the cream under your nails. Since I am doing this I have less blemishes, so I suggest it to everyone!
  4. I only have expensive makeups: it is half true: so yes I have some expensive like Estee Lauder or Bobbi Brown makeup, but they are not the crazily expensive ones, but I do have some drugstore things as well. I do not like that people in Hungary do not respect the TESTER meaning and open and touch everything as they do not have cover on them and I also hate the light at drugstores, so many time I have purchased the wrong color there and I would rather buy some thing for more expensive,which works or me. Usually products with higher price tag have more pigmentation, less oxydation and better quality. I love to find cheap treasures.
  5. Time-to-time I do swatch them: it is just to do not forget what I have already:)

What are your weirdest or simply strange Beauty habits ? Let’s do a challange: List your 5 and tag my blog.




Get your relationship works

Hi everyone!

Let leave the beauty topic and write about love. I would like to share with some little notes about the daily realtionship of my other half. Love is a big topic for psyhology and a great industry for nearly every company. Here is my list when he really into you:

  • Politeness: these are little but great things, he do polite like openning the door for you, helps you to get off your coat ect.
  • Repect: your feelings, thoughts on certain things.
  • Do not jugde you on your way of life, feelings and emotions or on your bad habits.
  • Support and stand by you, when you really need him he is there for you.
  • Have aims together
  • So basicly he is just really care.

Of course we have to do the same for them to be able to get our relationship works. We can do goodwill gestions or little amenities. Even a nice breakfast at home or just a simply coffee can cheer each other up. Even if you are a lady you can invite your loved one into restaurants or coffee houses. I am really hate to see some of my colleagues suffering from girlfriend/wife’s (high maintenance women) high expactations: take me to a holiday or buy expensive things. And what they give on return… themselves… or even nothing. Girl why you behave like a prostitute? Love is an investment so you have to give a real value of return to your loved one (not just your body). You have to make steps too to get your relationship alive long.

Dinner together at homeSimple breakfast together at Starbucks

I am really glad that I have found my other half, my beloved hubby, even we do not spend a lot of time together and he do have bad habits, when we are together we try to spend valued time. Of course sometimes it is really great to have a time alone or with friends, but we still do at least 2 or 3 rendez-vous out of flat a month. And nothing better than waking up to the smell of the morning coffee with him. So it is a really good feeling when both of you works on the relationship but leaving the personal space.

I hope you enjoyed this little note, write your comments below.