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Christmas of 2020

Our Christmas during lockdown and the gifts during my low buy year…


What I am gifting for this Christmas

Hi lovelies, It is 24th December, the night when we receiving our gifts in Hungary. So for us Christmas is rather about that the family gets together and having a nice time eating, chatting, singing and playing, so you might think it is not such a huge gifts. A lot of people think (wrongly) it is not a great even and you can buy … Read More What I am gifting for this Christmas

DIY Christmas gifts

Hi lovelies, After my luxury suggestions and my wishlist, now it is time to share some DIY Christmas gifts, which I usually do every year or just this is the first time. Enjoy: Photo Calendar/Photobook or Printed Photo: it is like a half DIY It is very easy to make online software by Cewe, the most hardest thing is to collect and choose the … Read More DIY Christmas gifts

My Christmas wishlist and Black Friday

Hi lovelies, Christmas is just on the doorstep, so let’s see my Christmas wish list! Yes, it is better to give then to get so do not forget about the charity boxes! As you might know we are  in a middle of moving to our first own FLAT so there will be some homedecor on my list. Lancome- Midnight Rose perfume: my ever favourite parfume, so … Read More My Christmas wishlist and Black Friday


Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day- say no to expensive gifts and enjoy your love


What I got for Christmas

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