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Black friday while your low buy year

Hi lovelies, I was started to write that post right before Black Friday. Some people love it, others just have it and defining it as an evil enemy or the symbole of overconsumption. Let me tell you something intention shopping is really depends on you. Do the same as you would do on other days: plan- wait- think- act. Try to find the deal. … Read More Black friday while your low buy year


What I got for Christmas

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Gifts (better to give)

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Shopping Guide (Budapest Alternative)

As being a Concierge, I often face with the question where I can do shopping in Budapest instead of Shopping Malls or looking for local products. Yesterday (21rst)-I had a shopping day, unfortunatelly I do not have a vlog camera (I should- so that can add to my wishlist). Below I draw my route and of course there will be a lot more shops … Read More Shopping Guide (Budapest Alternative)


My Christmas wishlist

These are my most wanted gifts for this Christmas, but any way it is very easy to make me happy with a good book, make up or parfume too.Hereby my screenshoots:1- Longchamp Le Pliage Tote L in NavyI have a strange relationship with this bag, was so close to buy it several time (5-6) in the past 3 – 4 years, but never did, … Read More My Christmas wishlist

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