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Low buy haul August

Hi lovelies, I know I am quite late writting this post, but it is because of our fantastic holiday, which I am going to post more later. So on my own purchases were also mostly related to my holiday and I think I have so really good recommendation for you too. Firstly about my Cultbeauty order: I have reordered two of my favourites the … Read More Low buy haul August

Best of 2018 Goody Bag (Cultbeauty) worst the hype?

Hi lovelies, Today post is about The Cultbeauty Goody Bag: Best of 2018. cultybeauty is a British site, where I love to order: they are quick, reliable and they do give discounts for frequent buyers and they do sell cult products, which I can not purchase from elsewhere in Hungary. They usually have 3 Goody Bag per year and at the end of the year is … Read More Best of 2018 Goody Bag (Cultbeauty) worst the hype?


Mini Hauls

Hi lovelies, Welcome back to my blog. I just want to share some of my resent purchases, which was done by the end of September, beginning of October. Well we are in the middle of our OUR FLAT project so I have lack of money to send on myself. Cultbeauty: I am in love with this site as you can read here, there are always a lots of things … Read More Mini Hauls


Birthday haul

Hi lovelies, I am on to share you my second Cultybeauty haul, Here the first . August is my birthday month, so I have used my 15% off coupon code. As we are having Flat project on I have chosen only a few things, so Norvina Palette still will be on a wish list only. All these products are cruelty free, As I am … Read More Birthday haul


Anastasia Beverly Hills Haul

Hi everyone! I have mentioned that is very hard to buy a lot of makeup brands in Hungary, so we  have to order online preferably from other European countries… and I am not a real online buyer, but I think I should start after these regularly (here is my first  Asos haul). So this haul and first impression is going to be from Cultbeauty  (not PR … Read More Anastasia Beverly Hills Haul

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