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“How many money?”

Hi lovelies, I hope you had a great Christmas so far and enjoyed my wishlist and hauls in this holiday season. At the end of the year is the time to summary, to account the year and as well as our spendings as well. In the beginning of the year I started an intensive Cruelty Free journey and used up as many products as … Read More “How many money?”

Summer clothes update

Hi lovelies, I have not written for a while as I mentioned the lastly why… Now it is time to show my recent updates on my closet. Firstly I have made a bigger decluttering regarding my clothes, shoes- I would say Summer Declutter vol. 1. as I think I have to check it again in August. So have ordered a remixshop bag, to check … Read More Summer clothes update

Decluttering my “childhood” room

Hi lovelies, So it is a decluttering again, that was (is) probably the hardest when it is comes to your childhood/ teenager room… So I went home to my parents to do it. My room I am not using it for daily basis since 2009, so for 10 years going to be in September…OMG. It is a like an “all-girls” dream room, with white … Read More Decluttering my “childhood” room


Why you have nothing to wear?

Hi lovelies, I think we all know that feeling when you open your wardrobe, which is full of clothes, but you are just searching and searching… but nothing. Yes, we all own a lot of items, which we do not like or not in our size and honestly they are all useless. #girlsproblem So why you have nothing to wear? … because they are … Read More Why you have nothing to wear?


2018 April hauls

Hi lovelies, We are having a coupon days here in Hungary, so I just would like to show you my purchases. Yes, I spent a lot, and I have not purchase a lot of things for months…warning before you start a crazy spending read my Clear out tips. Beauty, health and skincare: Usually I am the person who buy economy packs on a lower … Read More 2018 April hauls


Empties and clearing out

Hi everyone! So Glamour days are just on the corner, as I do not want to over purchase I love to have a look what I have in my wardrobe, makeup kit or in beauty. And of course throw away the empties, old makeups and creams, sell or give away to a charity (clothes). Shopping on sales Glamour days is a shopping weekend in … Read More Empties and clearing out


My ultimate packing list for Thailand

Hi everyone! We have just arrived from our honeymoon, we sent 2 weeks in Thailand. Honestly, my packing was simply perfect: not over packed (18kg only from 30), had items for every occasions, so no extra purchase due to weather conditions or religious regulations. Read my packing list and hacks/tips by categories below: Skin and hair care This is my number 1 tip to … Read More My ultimate packing list for Thailand

Shopping on sales

just my ideas of the AW sales

Asos haul

Asos, haul, Christmas, box

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