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How to be stylish while riding a bike AW20/21

Stylish while riding a bike? Is that possible? Figure out from my experiences

DIY Silk skirt

Hi lovelies, So finally I am ready to write about my recent DIY-s, so let’s start with the easier. I was made it in an hour according to The Essential Club youtube video. I have purchased 1,5m of silk fabric, 70cm waist rubber and the matching thread for this slip midi skirt: Then I sewed together te two edges, whilst left a slip of … Read More DIY Silk skirt

White it up

Hi lovelies, I know I have already posted about the trends of the upcoming season, however I just wanted to tell you my focus of clothing now: WHITE, yeah it is maybe a kind of wishlist too, but I do have some whites in my wardrobe already. So WHITE have a million shade: Ecru, off white, cream etc. I think like me lots of … Read More White it up

Outwear collection 2020

Hi lovelies, As for the Low Buy Year I do think we should first check what we own and consider to relove them and only afterwards to purchase something used or new. So this is another inventory again: all of my coats and jackets- yeah I do not consider blazers here, as they are multitasking things… I am also going to exclude my two … Read More Outwear collection 2020

Wishlist update

Hi lovelies, My last wishlist was right before Christmas, so I do think it is time to update. It is also great for me to focus on items, which I really want instead of impulse purchases, but it is also ideal for my family and friends to keep it in eyes. I do not say that these things I want them right away but … Read More Wishlist update

My wardrobe goals in 2020

Hi lovelies, This is my year of low buy so I just want to describe what are my wardrobe goals for this year. It is going to reflect to my clothes, shoes and acessories too. This post might will makes you to understand why I did choose to have a low buy instead of a no buy year and why I am doing not … Read More My wardrobe goals in 2020

TOP 10 items of 2019

Hi lovelies, Happy New Year again. I have did the best and the worst of 2018 last year, now I just want to focus on my favourite of 2019. As I have learned how to say good buy to items, which I can not get a use of there is no point to do a negative list. Yes the last was only beauty now … Read More TOP 10 items of 2019


The 5 sweaters you should own

Hi lovelies, Welcome back to the blog, it is November: time to switch your wardrobe into Autumn/Winter and let’s talk about sweater and pullovers. Please note before you run to the stores check what you have and declutter everything you do not need: dominate, recycle ect. So the ideal materials for the sweaters/ pullovers, specially for knits: wool, cashmere and cotton – try to … Read More The 5 sweaters you should own


Why you have nothing to wear?

Hi lovelies, I think we all know that feeling when you open your wardrobe, which is full of clothes, but you are just searching and searching… but nothing. Yes, we all own a lot of items, which we do not like or not in our size and honestly they are all useless. #girlsproblem So why you have nothing to wear? … because they are … Read More Why you have nothing to wear?

SS18 in my wardrobe

Hi everyone! After my Spring wardrobe wishes it is time to figure out that how I can transform a dozen of  top SS18 trends to my wardrobe. I have read a lot of inspiration on your blogs: Now check out how I will adapt the top Spring/Summer 18 trends: Trenchcoat: this is my number one spring/autumn coat in the classic shade since 2008 and a very … Read More SS18 in my wardrobe

Winter 10×10

Hi everyone! I was asked to do this challenge by an instagram friend. So you should choose 10 items from your wardrobe and wear it for 10 days, of course underwear is not counting. Honestly, it is not something that I never used to do: on a holiday or even I had some experience during my Erasmus semester when I had only 30 kg to go … Read More Winter 10×10

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