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How to have a great style without breaking the bank?

Hi lovelies, I hope everyone is fine. Two months of 2021 has passed so quickly. Recently I have been reading and watching a lot about style. before I have started my low buy journey I was the kind of girl, who had tons of clothing from fast fashion companies and I have to admit shopping was also a kind of fun activity for me. … Read More How to have a great style without breaking the bank?

Christmas of 2020

Our Christmas during lockdown and the gifts during my low buy year…


Sézane review

Born in Paris, Sèzane, the French dream brand arrived to my home. Honest review

Black friday while your low buy year

Hi lovelies, I was started to write that post right before Black Friday. Some people love it, others just have it and defining it as an evil enemy or the symbole of overconsumption. Let me tell you something intention shopping is really depends on you. Do the same as you would do on other days: plan- wait- think- act. Try to find the deal. … Read More Black friday while your low buy year

+ skirty bike

Low buy October

Octoberin my budgeting was really hard, would you like to know why? in a new tab)

Low buy haul August

Hi lovelies, I know I am quite late writting this post, but it is because of our fantastic holiday, which I am going to post more later. So on my own purchases were also mostly related to my holiday and I think I have so really good recommendation for you too. Firstly about my Cultbeauty order: I have reordered two of my favourites the … Read More Low buy haul August

Low buy haul July

lill bigger haul for July

Low buy haul June

Hi lovelies, So finally I am coming with some haul, I know I was so bad did not posting at all in June, but I have to admit, sewing curtains are a bit more time consuming, specially that I had to do it for my mum too… after she saw ours, just asked if I can do hers as she would change some after … Read More Low buy haul June

Low in May aka DIY

Hi lovelies, As a hotelier I am having quite much of difficulties so far, so I was not in the mood to write blog posts at all, but I do not want to leave you without my monthly haul. I have lost over 50% of my income since March and we are still suffering in the industry with our basic salary, but due to … Read More Low in May aka DIY

April low buy haul

Hi lovelies, This is the end of an other month, a month when we were mostly locked down so we sent our money on a totally different way: more food and vitamins as we were at home a lot and had time to cook, also due to the Covid19 I had to focus on saving more money for the upcoming 3 months as my … Read More April low buy haul

March Low Buy Haul

Hi lovelies, March here, which means that it is my third #lowbuy check and haul of 2020. If you remember I have over spend a bit in February, but I do not mind I had to happend to be able to draw my attention and focus on my goals more. In this month I made an investment: I am going on a course to … Read More March Low Buy Haul

Spring- Summer Trends of 2020

Hi lovelies, Yeah, this year is about low buy and a financial balance for me, but who told you can not be trendy with less shopping? Most of the trends are just a come back, so I would definitelly say to check your closet first. There are like trends, which are staying like the trench coats and military colors, cutouts, demin ect. Leather will … Read More Spring- Summer Trends of 2020

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