Upcoming shopping days wishlist

Hi lovelies,

You might know October, November and December all about upcoming shopping days, where you can spend a thousand while saving a bit.

I think I have write like hundreds of times how to shop “wisely“. So in culumn:

  • check what you have
  • declutter what you do not need any more: sell-giveaway and then the trash
  • list what you need
  • cut those coupons which meets with your list
  • check the rest of the coupon and cut, which need in your mind
  • set your budget and plan your route
  • sleep
  • check you list and coupons again
  • go to shopping

I know it is takes much more time, but your purse will be greatful and if you do with a list and only the coupons which you have cut that’s make it easier.

I think I am so mad, but working in a Hotel and meeting a way to many people, I try to mimimaze to go any of the shopping malls, so will try to make only orders instead. Secondly I do not really have clothes or shoes, which I need to buy, of course one or two items from my wishlist would be great.

We would rather need some home decoration and furnitures: shelves, mirror, baskets ect.

Drugstore: the most biggest deals are in this categories, but unfortunately there is quite a few cruelty free brands in this section. Okay I know Always and Tampax are not so eco friendly, but I am not into reuseable mestuation things.


I have to do some research before:


Of course I will have a look in other organic shops, like Madara, Apita  ect.

Stay turned for the haul!





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