Flat update


Hi lovelies,

As you might know we are in the middle of our flat renovation to be able to move in. Yes to buy a flat is expensive, but here If you have money for the loan it is 30% cheaper than renting (like average retail free for the same size and quality flat is ca. 140-200 000 HUF/month). unthought we to have some strange Taxes and laws, but never mind…

Regarding the renovation, the biggest issue to find workers… our renovation always stopped because of that, which was crazy. And waiting for them to do it, hopefully we will be satisfied…

Since my last post about it we have already finished the windows, electrician and the walls are prepaid for the painter. Tiles and floor just have been finished, it was a hell expensive and he was not the most skilful worker, but finally done. Let’s the pictures says…

And the tiles:

So finally it is time to start buying furnitures and other equipments!

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