SS18 in my wardrobe

Hi everyone!

After my Spring wardrobe wishes it is time to figure out that how I can transform a dozen of  top SS18 trends to my wardrobe. I have read a lot of inspiration on your blogs:

Now check out how I will adapt the top Spring/Summer 18 trends:

  1. Trenchcoat: this is my number one spring/autumn coat in the classic shade since 2008 and a very basic in my wardrobe. This is my second trenchcoat ever(photo from 2012), I love this shape and even ideal for bike rides:)P1180223
  2. Pastel colors: spring is always fresh, so light colors tend to be must have. These pieces have been already in my wardrobe:
  3. Checked: this is interesting for Spring, rather used to have at AW, but I have a nice checked skirt, which is so lightweight purchased a couples of years ago at Zara.IMG_4233
  4. Jeans: everyone love jeans and this season it is comes in all different shapes. We can wear jeans like in the begging of 2000s, but I do not think I will to these too often:
  5. Flowers: also like pastel colors it is comes with spring each year, but this year I want to mix it with the next trend
  6. See-thought: mesh is in trend also for a while, so I just want to purchase a nice mesh dress with some flower applicationmesh
  7. Glitters: one of the hardest thing to wear for me: glitters and it is not just for New Year’s Eve party… Might be that will be the trend which I am going to skip, but this one is really nice… hmm a squinned dresssquinned
  8. Bright colors: for me it is rather a summer trend, it is nice and interesting trend to have bright colorblokking  together. Of course red dresses my basicsIMG_4234
  9. Blazer and blouses: office comes to the street, I love blouses and blazers makes all the outfits so elegant. I have some blacks and a linen cream, but these will be something to purchase.blazer
  10. Dots and stripes: it is an other basic in my wardrobe, but I am just thinking of buying some more dots like this:


Big NO:

Belt bag: it is everywhere, but I will not have it in my wardrobe I am sorry. Sporty version I have for running, but I think a small cross body bag is much more classy




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